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Customer Service

Tools for our Customers

After seting up your website you may still need to add anything or change somthing. Here you can get all the tools at one place.

Some of Tools

  • Change My Hosting Password

    To change hosting password which is needed to do any changes on your website..CLICK HERE

  • Change My Domain Password

    To change Domain password which is needed when you want to chance any contact information..CLICK HERE

  • Add new Email id

    Toadd any new email ID in your domain name..CLICK HERE

  • Reset Email Admin password

    To Reset admin password of your email setup which is needed when you want to add any email ID..CLICK HERE

  • Change Domain Contact

    To change Domain Contact which is displayed whois check of domain display data..CLICK HERE

  • Add pages in Website

    To Add any new pages to your website..CLICK HERE

To Do List

  • Keep Domain on our Own Name.
  • Keep Domain Records Updated.
  • Change password in 15 days.
  • Keep website Updated.
  • Keep us informed when you recived any mail asking for your password.

Not To Do List

  • Naver Share any Password.
  • Don't loos your Domain Name.