Malhar Media Open Source based web applications have been the fastest growing development tools on the Internet today. Robustness, Scalability, and a very large community supporting the open source has made it popular for many businesses wanting a cost-effective rapid application development solution for the web. star Web Maker has highly experienced team of developers & designers having expertise in designing, developing, integrating and maintaining open source based web applications like Joomla CMS, Magento Ecommerce, Drupal CMS, Sugar CRM, Word Press, Ecommerce and others. We have not only enhanced and used these applications based on customer requirement but also developed much custom plug-in to add new and custom features.
Benefits of Using Open Source web applications -

  • Low execution and maintenance cost.
  • Supports different databases such as My SQL, SQL, Oracle, and Informix.
  • Interoperability with multiple operating systems
  • Better speed than proprietary software because there is no overhead of communicating with different COM objects
  • Inbuilt use of many web 2.0 technologies like MooTools, Ajax, Flex and JQuery
  • Use of MVC framework, thus separating the business logic and UI coding.

Open Source Web Applications...